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The ARC Network is a set of six media channels for broadcasting the work of the TETRAD Group and its members through talks, lectures, discussions, interviews, and other presentations formats.

The various media presentations are typically video recordings involving one or more persons speaking on particular themes, prerecorded in a variety of locations, sometimes involving the use of presentation documents with slides and other visual materials. They are generally from 7 to 30 minutes in duration, most being in the 10 - 15 minute range.

These different media objects are made available via the internet using multiple public-access channels - YouTube, TikTok, Zoom, and others (TBD). There are subscriptions to the Network and to individual Channels, providing a variety of additional offerings, ranging from subscriber-only media to ad-free viewing to access of different documents (papers, slide presentations, other formats).

ARC = ARC Renaissance Complex, comprised of the components of the TETRAD Group, which span from fundamental research in the physical and life sciences to applications in medical, psychological, and social spheres. ARC as a union of a physical center of activity and a communication network is characterized by public dissemination, education, and demonstration of innovative thinking about future living, on Earth and in other worlds beyond the confines of this planet, and in different forms of personal and community lifestyles, including in the arts, humanities and sciences. ARC is symbolized, represented through arcs, like rainbows and pathways, connective bridges and networks, also the symbolism and imagery of arks and ships both ancient and futuristic, and by the intimation, evocation and manifestation of the "aletheia" experience in conscious living, full of discovery, uncovering, revealing, birthing, and energizing rejuvenation. Visit the main site for ARC.

The ARC Channels

The Six Channels that make up the ARC Spectrum of Colors

The different media collections are organized according to six different general categories and these comprise the six Channels that comprise the ARC Network:

Within each channel, among the different broadcasts and within individual media pieces, there is a creative and dynamic use of both non-fiction and fiction, the real and the imaginary, doing so appropriately and with clear distinction, enabling the viewer/listener to experience the "what-is" and "what can be" and "what might be" in all of the different thematic areas of the different channels.

The six Channels are now described in more detail.

TETRAD Channel
Topics of a STEM and STEAM nature, principally within the subject areas of the 8 Programs and !2 Projects constituting the long-term and permanent focus of TETRAD Institute of Complex System Dynamics. In brief, these span the physical, biological, and psychosocial sciences, and certain topics of the arts and humanities. These are principally subjects involving and emerging from research in areas that involve expertise of persons such as MJD and others, with an emphasis on lecture-presentations, informal talks and dialogues, interviews, and round-table discussions. Several of the topical areas are closely aligned with the subjects and results within the TETRAD Projects in physics, biophysics, molecular and cellular biology, neurobiology, cognitive science, and socioeconomics. There may be some use of formal lecture-readings along with talks that are directed to general audiences. There may be occasional longer media that originates from events such as symposia and teleconferences (e.g., the TETRAD Seminars on scientific topics). The main objective is presentation of innovative and exploratory scientific research within several subject areas that are relevant to societal sustainability, growth, stability and creativity.

IRI Channel
Topics connected with the four divisions of focus and product development comprising Intelligence Renaissance Industries, but also including application development of interest in a variety of fields that relate to the overall work and expertise of TETRAD Institute and its principal scientists and technologists, and to topics of "timely and lively" interest in the general, global public viewership. These topics include matters of special interest to the financial community, spanning a wide and open-ended audience. This community includes individual investors, venture capitalists, private equity firms, and others who are active in the investment world with respect to companies and initiatives ranging from "start-up" to "accelerator" to "established" to "publicly-traded". A central area of attention on this channel is upon the changes in society, particularly those involving forces and impacts of environmental and climate change, which will drive and direct the social viability and the consequent economic value of different technologies and their derivative products.

Mirnova Channel
The initiatives of Mirnova Foundation, presented in the form of generally short, crisp video talks and presentations about individuals and communities with needs and unique promise. The talks present the ways in which the Foundation aims to serve the greater good of the whole society through fostering STEM and STEAM creativity among certain individuals, through the awarding of scholarships of different types, scopes and venues to those persons. Some of the talks will include interviews and dialogues with scholarship recipients.

Argonauticus Channel
Talks which span the themes outlined at with an emphasis upon archaeo-historical, archetypal-mythological, and adventure-exploration-discovery themes. Dominant topics may include both reality-based and fictional accounts pertaining to some of the places, cultures, and notable "mysteries and treasures" associated with several locations around the world, as indicated in various Argonauticus papers. There is extensive focus upon archaeology and history as tools for learning about topics and issues in contemporary culture and society. In these presentations there will be references to scientific and social topics that connect with the work of other ARC components that make up the TETRAD Group.

Oasis Channel
Talks which are focused upon the medical and psychological aspects of the Neuroplex-type disorders and their diagnostics and therapeutics, all in the context of the Gaia Oasis Center and Clinic. The emphasis is upon personal and family experiences and impacts, rather than clinical details and formal case histories. Thus, this is a channel dedicated to real-world issues facing many persons worldwide, and implemented in the form of accounts and dialogues inclding interviews. This channel is the media outlet of all that is described at

Inanna Channel
Talks which are primarily short stories, essays, with both prose and verse forms, given as readings by MJD and others, as individual Readers. The emphasis is upon the recitation of texts that embody a variety of mythic, STEM-fictional, romantic, adventure, psychosocial stories. Content emphasis is on the characters, their personalities, and their deeper psyche - anima/animus, persona/shadow character development, and the interactions at those levels. Characters emerge in different ways, sometimes as personifications of deeper archetypal figures. Nobody and nothing is shallow, empty or trivial. There is some use - not constant, extensive or overpowering - of visualization through still-form graphics in accompaniment to the readings. There are many different themes and styles of stories. Most are delivered as excerpts for which there may be implied beginnings or continuations not included in the readings.

The six channels will provide media that originates from different individuals, initially with significant controbutions by MJD. The format for all channels is relatively common and there are elements of style including location, background, interior/exterior design, and the fashion wear of the persons involved that are "common and compatible" - thus there is lot of "continuity": within the perception of the viewers. The Speakers/Readers are always in an interesting location but this will vary from one media event to another and within the different channels. An event could be indoors, in an elegant personal office, study, library, living room setting, or outdoors on a patio or in a garden, or onboard a ship or boat of several types, or in a unique and attractive natural setting (park, landscape). The environment (setting), the appearance(s) of the person(s) involved in the presentation, and the overall ambiance is one that is dignified, elegant, professional, appealing.

Intro to the Content Offerings on the Channels

What will be in the broadcasts - the talks, lectures and readings

The following lists provide introductory descriptions of some of the content that is planned and underway for each of the six Channels:

TETRAD Channel
Some of the media presentations will include:

IRI Channel
Presentations on different specific applications (products, services) as designed and developed by IRI itself, including prior work ("Tetradyn" era), and much about new and innovative applications emerging from many other persons and places in the "hot" areas of social and business interest, especially in medicine, psychology, energy, education.

There will be particularly stories and accounts of everything to do with the OASIS architecture, the New Way of Doing Social Networking and Communications, the way of Open Autopoietic Social intelligence Synthesis and its Implementation as TERRA - an OASIS-World - that is fun and exciting as people build their own very real, and private, untampered-with, unspied-upon communities and relationships, all serving the Common Human Experiences of

Communication    Collaboration    Making    Education    Entertainment    Trading
(because that is what we humans love to do with each other!)

Born and bred for over 35 years, conceived in the 1980s before the actual WWW and Web were coded and invented at CERN, inspired by Ted Nelson and True Hypermedia, crafted and designed by Dr. D over decades - this is so way, way, Way Beyond FaRcebook, Twittering, NotLinkedIn, Gargle, TikTok and all the mindless rest of them that it wil blow your mind and be FUN for All!

And "PS", indeed, we use "AI" - absolutely - but we call it "SI" - Synthetic Intelligence - because it is the Real Stuff, not the hype and hoopla from so many these days...

Mirnova Channel
Intro to what it is and why and priors.

Brief talks about different people and places, the motivations and examples and types of prior, poresent and desired recipients.

There will be stories about STEM and the Arts and Real Life, about and from Real People in the Americas, in Asia, in Europe, in Africa. What they went through, their traumas, their stories of survival, their dreams, their aspirations, their fights to survive and to thrive, and their Victories!

Argonauticus Channel
Mostly these two genres:

Oasis Channel
Two types of readings:

Inanna Channel
Short stories and excerpts, vignettes, cameos, read by one person. Open-ended selections, a significant amount of material written by MJD. Among these will be excerpts from:

And what is this? A poetic view of a future place where the biped hominids have adventured to live, deep in Space, Beyond this one Blue Planet...another type of ARC...


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TETRAD Institute of Complex System Dynamics is a private, not-for-profit, international research organization dedicated to advancement of culture through science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. The Institute comprises a faculty of research scientists and specialists in multiple and interdisciplinary fields working as a globally distributed network community. Faculty, fellows, mentors and teachers are recognized experts in their respective fields, within academia, industry, and throughout the global community. Projects are conducted in collaboration with institutions and companies in both the public and private sectors. Principal centers of activity are based in the United States of America and Europe, with primary offices and centers in California, Michigan, and New York.

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